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Kiran Johns

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A generalist who specializes in product, growth, and operations for early-stage startups!

I write about startups at Minimum Viable, & product management & personal stories on my Notebook


I love doing a little bit of everything, but at the same time, I aim to have depth in the areas I want to pursue: A Generalized Specialist 🌙

I currently lead the product management and growth wing at Hoppscotch. Before that, I worked as a product manager at a YC startup. I've also had a quantum computing phase where I worked at IBM Quantum to grow Qiskit and the ecosystem in India and APAC!

I have a degree in computer science and engineering. I did a lot of programming, including quantum programming, while back in college. I love photography, so don't be surprised if you see me running around with a camera. I also play the piano.

Startup Advisor

If you're a founder who needs advice on building your organization or needs help with product management, or growth, reach out to [email protected] and we can talk 🦚.